Munatix is a Belgian synthpop duo making waves with their infectious melodies and retro vibes. The band consists of Erik “Ricky” Knockaert on vocals and Jos “Josh” Sleurs on production and composition. 

Hailing from Genk, Belgium, Ricky and Josh first joined forces in 2019, united by their shared love of classic electro-pop, EDM, and vintage analog gear. Their debut single, “The Rhythm Sets My Heart on Fire,” introduced the world to their signature sound: a blend of 80s New Wave energy with modern dancefloor grooves. 

Since then, Munatix has been churning out hit singles, including “Longing For Some Time With Me,” “You Just Keep Hanging On,” “Groovin’ is My Hobby,” “Dancing Hard,” and “Fool Around.”  Their catchy tunes have landed them on coveted playlists like Spotify’s “New Music Friday” and garnered praise from music blogs across the web. 

With a string of successful singles under their belt, Munatix released their highly anticipated debut album in April 2024.  This exciting development promises to solidify their place as one of the hottest new acts in the synthpop scene.

Munatix isn’t just about the music – their energy translates to their visually stunning music videos, filmed in locations around their Belgian hometown. Whether they’re rocking an empty swimming pool or showcasing their moves in a graffiti-clad skate park, Munatix brings a sense of fun and vibrancy to everything they do.