Do You Miss The 80s? Check Out Munatix’s Fresh Synthpop Music


Genk, Belgium, Established February 2019, unsigned

Munatix, a Belgian electronic synthpop band, initiated by Ricky and Josh. Both located in Genk, having met in a former band, they noticed a shared passion for music. Ricky °1980, takes up the role of lead singer. Josh °1975, focusses on composing and producing. Inspiration is coming from electronic instruments and an interest for vintage analog gear. Josh is being sparked by synth guru’s and bands as Vince Clarke, Jean Michel Jarre, Chromeo. Ricky is at heart a gifted guitar player with a love for Jimi Hendrix. Together they color their music. For now, the emphasis is on writing music. Next phase will be setting up a live act and gig live.


Munatix Releases New Single 'I'm Home Free'

Fresh Out of Booth - November 13, 2019 - Noah Penza

The powerful duo known as Munatix have a lot up their sleeve, and their latest track ‘I’m Home Free’ redefines the electronic genre. The arp intensive melody creates an exciting and thrilling experience, the build up throughout the track is captivating and engaging for all audiences. The vocals are flawless, they adapt to the versatile instrumental, are dynamic in their own nature. It isn’t hard to fall in love with this song, and the boys at Munatix always deliver. I am extremely excited for what this powerhouse duo have in store for us in the near future.

Do You Miss The 80s? Check Out Munatix’s Fresh Synthpop Music

Electro Wow - January 31, 2020 - Erick Ycaza
If you’re seriously starting to miss 80s Synthpop music, then you’ll remember those great melodies thanks to Munatix. The Belgian duo made up of Ricky and Josh showcase their big love for analog music sequencers on “Groovin’ Is My Hobby”. Before you get your own conclusions, I would dare to say their infectious rhythm emulates some cheerful songs from the likes of Erasure, Yazoo or even Jean Michel Jarre. On the other hand, the well-written lyrics talk about the extreme enjoyment you can experience at nightclubs. Perhaps, it’s inspired in John Travolta’s film, Saturday Night Fever. Stream in full below via Spotify.

Introducing Munatix

Foolish Dreams - February 1, 2020 - Mel Yelle

In 2019, Munatix came out introducing themselves to the world with their tight, analog retro sound releasing 3 singles “You Are Out Of My League”, “The Rhythm Sets My Heart On Fire”, and “I’m Home Free”. These two synth guru’s, Josh and Ricky, made big moves in the underground dance scene this past year. Introducing a whole new flavor, Munatix did it again starting off this new decade with a brand new release, “Groovin’ Is My Hobby”. With no surprise, this number is absolutely addicting, contagious and irresistible. Being inspired by retro gear and British synthpop, their sound is iconic and similar to acts such as New Order, Eurythmics, Kraftwerk, and Depeche Mode. Josh tells us,
“The idea for starting a synthpop duo began in 2014. Originally it started out with another singer. ‘Groovin’ is My Hobby’ was the first song I wrote at the start of 2015 and it was also recorded back then. The song has a positive and energetic vibe. I was inspired by classic retro British style synthpop. Unfortunately, the first singer called it quits after a year of working in the studio. Shortly after, I asked Ricky if he felt like joining. I did not know how things would evolve, the name ‘Munatix’ was not yet chosen. Ricky and I knew each other very well, since we had been playing together in another band for years. He did not have to think twice about it. Afterwards, we started working on new songs. A few months ago we tried out ‘Groovin’ Is My Hobby’ together. We had to transpose it up to fit Ricky’s vocal reach. I tweaked some things to the original synth lines an drums. And that was it.”





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